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microRNAs are valuable mono- and multi-analyte markers for neuroendocrine neoplasms.
Wong J, Xu M, Grin A, Renwick N. Invited Review 2022, manuscript under review.

Multi-omic graph transformers for cancer classification and interpretation.
Kaczmarek E, Jamzad A, Imtiaz T, Nanayakkara J, Renwick N, Mousavi P. Pac Symp Biocomp2022, 27;373-385.


Topology preserving stratification of tissue neoplasticity using Deep Neural Maps and microRNA signatures.
Kaczmarek E, Nanayakkara J, Sedghi A, Pesteie M, Tuschl T, Renwick N, Mousavi P. BMC Bioinformatics2021, manuscript accepted.

Discriminating neoplastic from non-neoplastic tissues using microRNA-based Deep Cancer Classification.
Kaczmarek E, Pyman B, Nanayakkara J, Tuschl T, Renwick N, Mousavi P. Am J Pathol2021, manuscript accepted.

The Non-Coding RNA Journal Club: Highlights on Recent Papers – 9.
Renwick N
, El-Osta A, Salamon I, Broseghini E, Ferracin M, Poliseno L, Jankaukas S, Santulli G, Xiao H, Shiu P, Roy S, Goel A. Non-Coding RNA 2021, 7;3:58.

Ending the epidemic of Viliuisk Encephalomyelitis.
Goldfarb LG, Vladimirtsev VA, Platonov FA, Asher DM, Renwick N, Nikolaevna T. Yakut Medical Journal2021, 2;74:52-56.

A miR-375/YAP axis regulates neuroendocrine differentiation and tumorigenesis in lung carcinoid cells.
Yang X, Nanayakkara J, Claypool D, Saghafinia S, Wong J, Xu M, Nicol C, Iacovos M, Hafner M, Yang X, Renwick N. Sci Rep 2021, 11;10455;


Classifying lung neuroendocrine tumors through microRNA sequence data mining.
Wong J, Ginter PS, Tyryshkin K, Yang X, Nanayakkara J, Zhou Z, Tuschl T, Chen Y-T, Renwick NCancers 2020, 12;9:2653;

Characterizing and classifying neuroendocrine neoplasms through microRNA sequencing and data mining.
Nanayakkara J, Tyryshkin K, Yang X, Wong J, Vanderbeck K, Ginter P, Scognomglio T, Chen Y-T, Panarelli N, Cheung N-K, Dijk F, Ben-Dov I, Kim M, Singt S, Morozov P, Max K, Tuschl T, Renwick N. NAR Cancer 2020 2;3: 1;

microRNA-206 suppresses TGF-Β signalling to limit tumor growth and metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma.
Watt K, Tyryshkin K, Renwick N, Craig A. Transl Oncol 2020 13;9:100802.


Evaluating gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors through microRNA sequencing.
Panarelli N, Tyryshkin K, Wong J, Majewski A, Yang X, Scognomaglio T, Kim M, Bogardus K, Tuschl T, Chen Y-T, Renwick N. Endocr Relat Cancer 2019 1:47-57.

Exploring microRNA regulation with a context-aware deep cancer classifier.
Pyman B, Sedghi A, Tyryshkin K, Renwick N, Mousavi P. Pac Symp Biocomp 2019 24:160-171.


MicroRNA-206 suppresses TGF-ß signaling to limit tumor growth and metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma.
Watt K, Newsted D, Voorand E, Gooding RJ, Majewski A, Truesdell P, Tuschl T, Renwick N, Craig A. Cell Signal 2018 50:25-36.


microRNA-guided diagnostics in clinical samples.
Gustafson D, Tyryshkin K, Renwick N. Best Practice and Research Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Progressive neuromuscular syndromes linked to dynamin-2 mutations.
Renwick N
, Goldfarb L, Sambuughin N, Hinshaw J, Toro C, Platonov F. J Mult Scler 2016 3:163. doi:10.4172/2376-0389.1000163.

Genetic fitness and selection intensity in a population affected with high-incidence spinocerebellar ataxia type 1.
Platonov FA, Tyryshkin K, Tikhonov DG, Neustroyeva TS, Sivtseva TM, Yakovleva NV, Nikolaev VP, Sidorova OG, Kononova SJ, Goldfarb L, Renwick N. Neurogenetics 2016 17;3:179-85.

Viliuisk encephalomyelitis.
Renwick N
, Goldfarb L, Vladimirtsev VA, Platonov FA, Asher D. Encephalitis 2016 SMGE Books.


Dysregulation of an ancient tau-silencing microRNA in Alzheimer’s disease and aging.
Santa-Maria I, Alaniz ME, Renwick N, Cela C, Fulga T, Van Vactor DL, Tuschl T, Clark LN, Shelanski ML, McCabe B, Crary JF. J Clin Invest 2015 125;2:681-6.

miR-375 gene dosage in pancreatic β-cells: implications for regulation of β-cell mass and biomarker development.
Latreille M, Herrmanns K, Renwick N, Tuschl T, Malecki MT, McCarthy MI, Owen KR, Rulicke T, Stoffel M. J Mol Med 2015 May 28 Epub ahead of print.

Unique microRNAs appear at different times during the course of a delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction in human skin.
Gulati N, Lovendorf MB, Zibert JR, Akat K, Renwick N, Tuschl T, Krueger JG. Exp Dermatol 2015 Jul 21. doi: 10.1111/exd.12813. Epub ahead of print.

Adult-onset autosomal dominant spastic paraplegia linked to a GTPase-effector domain mutation of dynamin 2.
Sambuughin N, Goldfarb LG, Sivtseva TM, Davydova TK, Vladimirtsev VA, Osakovsky VL, Danilova AP, Nikitina RS, Ylakhova AN, Sundoborger AC, Renwick N, Platonov FA, Hinshaw JE, Toro C. BMC Neurol 2015 15:223. doi: 10.1186/s12883-015-0481-3.


miRNA fluorescence in situ hybridization for formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues.
Renwick N
, Cekan P, Tuschl T. Methods Mol Biol 2014 1211:171-87.


MicroRNAs miR-26a, miR-26b, and miR-29b accelerate osteogenic differentiation of unrestricted somatic stem cells from human cord blood.
Trompeter H, Dreesen J, Hermann E, Iwaniuk K, Hafner M, Renwick N, Tuschl T, Wernet P. BMC Genomics 2013 4:111.

Multicolor miRNA fluorescence in situ hybridization for tumor differential diagnosis.
Renwick N
, Cekan P, Masry PA, McGeary SE, Miller JB, Hafner M, Mihailovic A, Morozov P, Brown M, Gogakos T, Mobin MB, Snorrason ES, Feilotter HE, Zhang X, Perlis C, Wu H, Suarez-Farinas M, Feng H, Shuda M, Moore PS, Tron VA, Chang Y, Tuschl T. J Clin lnvest 2013 123;6:2694-702.


Bioinformatic analysis of barcoded cDNA libraries for small RNA profiling by next-generation sequencing.
Farazi TA, Brown M, Morozov P, Ten Hoeve JJ, Ben-Dov IZ, Hovestadt V, Hafner M, Renwick N, Mihailović A, Wessels LF, Tuschl T. Methods 2012 58;2:171-87.

Barcoded cDNA library preparation for small RNA profiling by next-generation sequencing.
Hafner M, Renwick N, Farazi TA, Mihailović A, Pena JT, Tuschl T. Methods 2012 58;2:164-70.


MicroRNAs miR-17, miR-20a, and miR-106b act in concert to modulate E2F activity on cell cycle arrest during neuronal lineage differentiation of USSC.
Trompeter HI, Abbad H, Iwaniuk KM, Hafner M, Renwick N, Tuschl T, Schira J, Müller HW, Wernet P. PLoS One 2011 6;1:e16138.

RNA-ligase-dependent biases in miRNA representation in deep-sequenced small RNA cDNA libraries.
Hafner M, Renwick N, Brown M, Mihailović A, Holoch D, Lin C, Pena JT, Nusbaum JD, Morozov P, Ludwig J, Ojo T, Luo S, Schroth G, Tuschl T. RNA 2011 17;9:1697-712.

2010 and prior (selected publications)

Global distribution of novel rhinovirus genotype.
Briese T, Renwick N, Venter M, Jarman G, Ghosh D, Kondgen S, Shrestha S, Mette Hoegh A, Casas I, Valerie Adjogoua E, Akoua-Koffi, Saw Myint K, Willians D, Chidlow G, van den Berg R, Calvo C, Koch O, Pacios G, Kapoor V, Villari J, Dominguez S, Holmes K, Harnett G, Smith D, Mackenzie J, Ellerbrok H, Schweiger B, Schonning K, Chadha M, Leendertz F, Mishra A, Gibbons R, Holmes E, Lipkin WI. Emerg Infect Dis 2008 14;6:944-7.

Family clustering of Viliuisk encephalomyelitis patients in the traditional areas of its distribution and the newly affected geographic regions: epidemiologic implications.
Vladimirtsev V, Nikitina R, Renwick N, Ivanova A, Danilova A, Platonov F, Krivoshapkin V, McLean C, Masters C, Gajdusek DC, Goldfarb L. Emerg Infect Dis 2007 13;9:13216.

A recently identified rhinovirus genotype is associated with severe respiratory-tract infection in children in Germany.
Renwick N
, Schweiger B, Kapoor V, Liu Z, Villari J, Bullman R, Miething R, Briese T, Lipkin WI. J Infect Dis 2007 196;12:1754-60. 

MassTag polymerase-chain-reaction detection of respiratory pathogens, including a new rhinovirus genotype, that caused Influenza-like illness in New York State during 2004-2005.
Lamson D, Renwick N, Kapoor V, Liu Z, Palacios G, Ju J, Dean A, St. George K, Briese T, Lipkin WI. J Infect Dis 2006 194;10:1398-402.

Diagnostic system for rapid and sensitive differential detection of pathogens.
Briese T, Palacios G, Kokoris M, Jabado O, Liu Z, Renwick N, Kapoor V, Casas I, Pozo F, Limberger R, Perez-Brena P, Ju J, Lipkin WI. Emerg Infect Dis 2005 11;2:301-3.

Vascular endothelial growth factor levels in serum do not increase following HIV type 1 and HHV8 seroconversion and lack correlation with AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma.
Renwick N
, Weverling GJ, Brouwer J, Bakker M, Schulz TF, Goudsmit J. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2002 18;10:695-8.

Risk factors for human herpesvirus 8 infection in a cohort of drug users in the Netherlands, 1985-1996.
Renwick N
, Dukers NH, Weverling GJ, Sheldon JA, Schulz TF, Prins M, Coutinho RA, Goudsmit J. J Infect Dis 2002 185;12:1808-12.

Kaposi’s sarcoma and human herpesvirus 8 infection do not protect HIV-1 infected homosexual men from AIDS dementia complex.
Renwick N
, Weverling GJ, Halaby T, Portegies P, Bakker M, Schulz TF, Goudsmit J. AIDS 2001 15;16:2165-9.

Timing of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and human herpesvirus 8 infections and length of the Kaposi’s sarcoma-free period in coinfected persons.
Renwick N
, Weverling GJ, Schulz T, Goudsmit J. J Infect Dis 2001 183;9:1427.

Human herpesvirus 8 infections in the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (1984-1997): analysis of seroconversions to ORF65 and ORF73.
Goudsmit J, Renwick N, Dukers NH, Coutinho RA, Heisterkemp S, Bakker M, Schulz TF, Cornelissen M, Weverling GJ. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2000 97;9:4838-43.

Risk factors for human herpesvirus 8 seropositivity and seroconversion in a cohort of homosexual men.
Dukers NH, Renwick N, Prins M, Geskus RB, Schulz TF, Weverling GJ, Coutinho RA, Goudsmit J. Am J Epidemiol 2000 151;3:213-24.

Two distinct gamma2-herpesviruses in African green monkeys: a second gamma2-herpesvirus lineage among old world primates?
Greensill J, Sheldon JA, Renwick N, Beer BE, Norley S, Goudsmit J, Schulz TF. J Virol 2000 74;3:1572-7.

Seroconversion for human herpesvirus 8 during HIV infection is highly predictive of Kaposi’s sarcoma.
Renwick N
, Halaby T, Weverling GJ, Dukers NH, Simpson GR, Coutinho RA, Lange JM, Schulz TF, Goudsmit J. AIDS 1998 12;18:2481-8.

A cluster of transposon-like repetitive sequences in intron 7 of the human dystrophin gene.
McNaughton JC, Broom JE, Hill DF, Jones WA, Marshall CJ, Renwick NM, Stockwell PA, Petersen GB. J Mol Biol 1993 232;1:314-21.