About The Renwick Lab

To understand PTGR in health and disease, we combine experimental mechanism-based investigations in relevant cell line and animal models, computational approaches, and our expertise in evaluating normal and diseased tissues and cells. Through this multidisciplinary approach, we expect to leverage gained knowledge of a fundamental gene regulatory mechanism to diagnose, understand, and treat PTGR-related diseases.

We are also excited to train the next generation of basic and clinician-scientists and take enormous pride in the achievements of our trainees. We measure our own successes through incremental increases in grant funding, manuscript impact, and audience size when presenting nationally and internationally. Importantly, our research activities are firmly aligned with the missions of the Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences and the Kingston General Hospital Research Institute to create and advance knowledge for the benefit of our patients.

We are always keen to interview bright, creative, and committed post-doctoral scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate trainees. Contact us for more information.